NTPEP Technical Committee Liaisons

Current AASHTO Liasion

TC Acronym

TC Full Name

Matthew Bluman ABS Asphalt Binder Suppliers
Jonathan Sirianni ARA Asphalt Release Agents
Katheryn Malusky CADD/CCC Concrete Admixtures/Concrete Curing Compounds
Matthew Bluman CMP Corrugated Metal Pipe
Jonathan Sirianni DWS Detectable Warning Systems
Matthew Bluman EBB Elastomeric Bridge Bearing Pads
Vince Glick ECP Erosion Control Products
Jonathan Sirianni ERB Epoxy and Resin Based Adhesive Bonding Systems
Matthew Bluman GRL Guardrail/Guiderail
Vince Glick GTX/REGEO Geosynthetics/Reinforced Geosynthetics
Katheryn Malusky HFTO Polymer Concrete Overlays
Vince Glick JS/CS Joint Sealants/Crack Sealers
Vince Glick PBC Portland and Blended Cement
Jonathan Sirianni PCMS/FAP Portable Changeable Message Signs/  Flashing Arrow Panels
Jonathan Sirianni PMM Pavement Marking Materials
Matthew Bluman REBAR/WWR/SSTL/WIRE/SWS Reinforcing Steel and Wire
Jonathan Sirianni RPM/SRPM Raised Pavement Markers/Snowplowable Raised Pavement Markers
Matthew Bluman RSCP Rapid Set Concrete Patch Materials
Matthew Bluman SAPL Spray Applied Pipe Liners
Vince Glick SSC/CCS (Protective Coatings) Includes Structural Steel Coatings (SSC)/Concrete Coating Systems (CCS)
Jonathan Sirianni SSM/RUP Sign Sheeting Materials/Roll Up Signs
Matthew Bluman THP Includes High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)/Polypropylene (PPP)/Polyvinyl Chloride Drainage (PVC)
Jonathan Sirianni TTCD Temporary Traffic Control Devices
Jonathan Sirianni WMA Warm Mix Asphalt Technologies


Katheryn Malusky Senior Program Manager, NTPEP kmalusky@aashto.org , (202) 624-3695
Jonathan Sirianni Associate Program Manager jsirianni@aashto.org , (202) 624-3610
Matthew Bluman Associate Program Manager mbluman@aashto.org , (202) 624-5862
Vince Glick Business Systems Analyst vglick@aashto.org , (202) 624-7743
Paul Haakenson Administrative Coordinator phaakenson@aashto.org , (202) 624-7800